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The Color Wheel and the Basics of Color Theory

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ofiz December 3, 2020

Prep for Teacher 

Before class, prepare small squares of color paper. You may use the template attached to make copies of for your classroom or cut out your own pieces of color paper. You will want to have enough of each color for the number of students in your classroom. It is recommended that you laminate these pieces if you plan to use them for multiple classes and years. 

  1. Red
  2. Yellow
  3. Orange
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Purple

Class Time

  • Teacher will stand by the door as students enter the classroom.  Have ready small squares of color paper.
  • When the student walks into the room, ask them what mood they are in.  
  • Give them a list of possible answers if they say they don’t know.  List reference is in the handout.
  • Hand the student the color of paper that matches their current mood.  Remind them not to fold or bend it because you will be returning them to you.

Movie Clip

  • Show the clip from the movie Inside Out. (1:38)  
    • This movie clip will introduce color theory and the symbolize of colors to students.
  • The video clip will tie into the pieces of paper the students have been given.
  • Following the clip, collect the color pieces of paper from students
  • Tally the colors and write on the board how many students were in each mood/color.  Example: Yellow= 15 students = felt happy or joyful.
  • Discuss for a few minutes the overall mood in your class for that day. “Looks like we are having a really blue day for most of the class.  Hopefully by the end of class we will all be having a yellow day.”

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