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Embracing Uncertainty

Angelina November 18, 2020

The Embracing Uncertainty IQ Matrix explores how to better manage the unexpected surprises and uncertainties that life tends to throw our way. The reason why you fear uncertainty is because you have limited experience in certain life areas. With limited experience, there is a limited perspective, and so you jump to conclusions and make assumptions and generalizations about how life is or should be. As a result, you become uncertain of potential outcomes that may result from your actions. Uncertainty grows even more prominent when you lack the necessary knowledge, understanding, and resources. You simply don’t feel that you have all the answers, and so you become uncertain and hesitant to act. As you work through this map you will begin to feel more comfortable when facing uncertainty. An element of uncertainty will, of course, always exist. That’s not something we can change. It’s part of making decisions, taking chances, and doing things we’ve never done before.

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