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Overcoming Failure

Angelina November 16, 2020

The Overcoming Failure IQ Matrix explores how to make the most of failure and the inevitable setbacks that life throws your way. It’s not easy handling failure. And yet it’s something that most of us will have the pleasure of going through many times throughout our lives. It is, however, not what happens to us, but rather how we respond to what happens that counts. It’s, therefore, not your circumstances, but how you work your way through those circumstances that makes all the difference in the end. Many very successful people have faced failure on numerous occasions. And yet, despite these failures, they still ended up succeeding. Why? Because they used failure as a catalyst for transformation and change. They used the lessons that failure taught them to course-correct. This led them down a different path that eventually led to their success. And that’s precisely what this map will help you do as well.

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