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Angelina November 18, 2020

The Risk-Taking IQ Matrix provides you with the guidance you need to make better decisions and take more intelligent risks. Risk-taking is the act of stretching your comfort zone and capabilities by exposing yourself to uncertainty and possible change. All in an attempt to improve your circumstances or take advantage of an opportunity. Yes, risk-taking can expose you to potential loss, failure, embarrassment, rejection, criticism, and the possibility of getting hurt. You must, however, keep in mind that every great feat that has ever been achieved in human history required some sort of risk. In fact, many times these courageous people failed, embarrass themselves, made mistakes, and invited criticism. And yet they kept fighting. Their risks eventually paid off, and they reaped the tremendous rewards for taking a chance on themselves. As you work through this map you will develop a knack for taking more intelligent risks that will help you accomplish your goals.

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